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Antony Gormley’s public art instillation, Another Place, is a permanent work on Crosby Beach, England. The figures, each of which stand about 6 feet, 3 in. tall, are molds of Gormley’s body, weighing about 1400 lb. each. He is an artist known for incorporating himself into his works, most often by creating casts of body parts.

The daily submergence and reemergence of these oddly sinister figures from the tide creates a disarming spectacle—you can’t help but be captivated by their faceless, featureless figures, swallowed and spit out by the sea.

Aside from serving as instillations, the figures of Another Place are even more enchanting and haunting when photographed. Their size is distorted and obscured; their silhouettes dot the horizon as the sun burns behind them. As an artist, Gormley was careful and thoughtful when deciding what type of figure would best garner the response he was hoping for—the 100 iron replicas swimming amongst a sea of real humans most definitely achieved this.

-Olivia Manno